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Utility RatesCity of Medicine Hat provides quality and reliable utility services to residents of Medicine Hat, and in some cases, residents of neighbouring municipalities. Utility services include:
  • electric
  • natural gas
  • water
  • sewer
  • solid waste
Medicine Hat residents benefit from receiving the lowest all-in utility bills in the province.

Red Deer
Medicine Hat
Electricity (655 kWh) 52.78 51.02 66.39 54.58 31.18
Gas (10.5 GJs) 62.79 75.02 67.91 75.43 33.91
Water (26 m³) 61.81 64.77 51.45 70.50 48.04
Sewer 49.27 47.26 35.50 50.70 34.78
Solid Waste 12.80 40.69 16.86 16.40 20.93
Total Energy Charges $239.45 $278.76 $238.08 $221.91 $168.84
 * without commodity costs

Additional benefits of Medicine Hat owning its own utilities include:

  • reliability of electric service 
  • local accountability and customer service
  • financial contribution to the municipal services budget through annual subsidies
As part of the Financially Fit for the Future initiative, City staff are evaluating utility fees and charges across the province, including capacity charges and municipal consent and access fees.

Capacity Charge
Across the province, a capacity charge is collected by electric utilities to cover the costs of the provincial-wide transmission network. Tariffs are set by a provincial regulator (AUC) for the demand transmission service.

Medicine Hat has only a minimal connection to the provincial grid and operates a “must run” facility in order to reliably supply electricity to customers in our service area. Equipment and operations at the City’s power plant must be maintained to meet peak demand, even if the generation capacity isn’t used.

Since 2009, the City has charged customers the equivalent of a 90MW peak load and consumption profile to help recover the investment in and costs of maintaining generation capacity at that level.

Municipal Consent and Access Fee
Municipal consent and access fees are allowed by Alberta legislation and are levied by other municipalities across the province. Medicine Hat does not currently charge a municipal consent and access fee.

Utility providers pay municipalities municipal consent and access fees generally for two reasons:
  • For the exclusive right to provide services to the community
  • To compensate the municipality for direct costs related to the use of municipal land, restrictions on planning and development due to utility rights of way, as well as inherent risks to utility access
Municipal consent and access fees are outlined in franchise agreements between municipalities and utility providers. The agreements and related fees must be approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.
Last updated: 3/4/2016 9:16:58 AM